Model 280 UV Detector



Model 280 UV Detector


The detector is a necessary part of any experimental chromatography system. It is used to determine the concentrations of the different compounds as they elute from the column. It also provides information on the condition of the column and on the identity of the sample components.

The output of the detector is connected to a strip chart recorder or data system. The recorded trace becomes the chromatogram describing the separation.

The detector output can also be connected to an intelligent fraction collector(like the CF-2)to provide real-time peak detection and allow you to control how the components of your precious samples are collected.

The Spectra/Chrom® Model 280 UV detector is a fixed wavelength flow-through spectrophotometer ideally suited for use as a chromatographic detector. It works equally well with HPLC and low-pressure systems. It features a direct reading digital output and a dual beam optical system that allows the automatic subtraction of a solvent background even in the presence of a rapidly changing gradient





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